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Giorgio Morandi - Calarota
Giorgio Morandi - Calarota
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Silvana Editoriale
EAN 9788836642267
Oils, watercolours, drawings and etchings narrate the silent and profound innovation of painting conducted by Morandi Published to accompany an exhibition at the Galleria d'Arte Maggiore, Bologna Giorgio Morandi accompanies a large retrospective dedicated to Giorgio Morandi, organised by the historic Galleria d'Arte Maggiore gam in Bologna, the artist's birthplace An exhaustive overview offering a selected group of oils, watercolours, drawings and etchings that, ranging from the famous still lives to the refined flower vases and the solitary landscapes, reveals all the silent but profound pictorial innovation of Morandi, suspended between reality and abstraction, a continuing source of inspiration for generations of contemporary artists The volume is accompanied by a critical anthology, with numerous interventions that offer an intimate and familiar, but at the same time exhaustive portrait of the painter Text in English and Italian
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